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Trung Tâm Báo Cháy Địa Chỉ 2 Loop TX3002E

TX3002E is a wall-mount type of control panel with the modular structure design, which has the advantages of powerful function, high reliability and flexible configuration. A 7" digital TFT display screen with resolution of 800x480 is used in this panel, and Numeric. All the information on fire alarms, faults and various operations can be printed out by the built-in printer. This control panel is capable of field programming, with a maximum capacity of 2 loops connecting with 484 points. It works with all TNA detectors, call points, sounder & strobes, modules and fireman’s control panels to realize the integration of intelligent automatic fire alarm and linkage control.

Giá : 11,515,000 VNĐ

➤2-loop panel with capacity of max 484 TX3 addressable devices

➤Simple and effective user interface with 7’’ LCD TFT display

➤Can bus networkable with TX3 family FACP

➤Keypad and PC programming

➤Flash memory retains all programming and event

Technical Specifications

Bus protocol: T3 Primary

Power Supply: 220VAC(187~242V)

Standby Power Supply: 2 x 12V/12Ah battery

Linkage power output current: 3A

Operating Environment: Temperature: 0℃~+42℃

Relative humidity: ≤95%RH, non-condensing

Dimension: 500mm x 175mm x700mm

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